Sleep Busters

When I was leading and growing our company, I had my share of worries. More times than I can count, I awoke in the middle of the night with concerns over a certain aspect of the business. Lately, I’ve been asking folks to share some of their pressing or nagging business concerns with me, and the response has been surprising…

Sleep Busters are problems that wake us up

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Need toilet paper? Go to Home Depot

What did you buy online last week? If you are like most people, you’ve become accustomed to purchasing books, clothes, shoes and concert tickets online. On top of that, we custom-design our TV viewing experience by accessing “play it now” streaming media sources like Netflix and HBO Go.

man buying lumber at Home Depot

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Launch Your Passion

I led Albert Moving and Storage for 38 years. As you can imagine, our company was a huge part of my life. And then, in 2011 I sold it. I sold the company that I had grown from five employees to over 150. You might guess that this was an end to a great career – a time to kick back and find a hobby and rack up the airline miles. Well, for me it didn’t work out that way…

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15 Ways You Can Improve Your Workplace Culture

When we encounter an organization that has a great culture, it’s natural to wonder how they created their inspiring workplace. We might wonder what event, activity or HR policy created their cultural success. The truth is, there is no magic formula for achieving a great, inspiring culture. There are, however, some common characteristics in the organizations that have great cultures.


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Here’s the Key to Keeping Your Customers

Think about the last time that you ate at a restaurant and the service was poor. If you’re like me, the poor service affected your overall impression of the business, even how the food tasted! Now, you’ll probably also agree that great service makes the whole meal more enjoyable. TARP Worldwide[1], conducted a survey to understand why customers leave businesses, and the results are interesting…

Smiling business couple ordering food at restaurant table

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Get Gold Medal Results for You and Your Company

There’s nothing quite like the smile on an athlete that has just competed with the best of the best and won an Olympic gold medal. They know that they competed with excellence. While most of us have not won an Olympic medal, we all know the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing an excellent job.


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Who Else Wants Confident and Courageous Employees?

In 1982, I weighed 238 lbs. and was out of shape. Through diet and exercise, I lost 30 lbs. in 30 days, 50 lbs. in 6 months, and 70 lbs. in one year. I also completed two Olympic distance triathlons during that time. The same principles that transformed me can transform your organization.

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