3 Traits That Reflect an Abundance Mindset

When I was a young boy starting in junior high school and through college, I worked with my dad’s moving crews.  I took on being the “swampier” for the crews.  I did the work the others did not want to do or did not like to do.  I took one break from work to their two (The crew often would kid me that they were taking a chewing gum break because I did not smoke).  I also would run or walk fast between the house and the truck, passing them as they walked.  But why?

Bobby Albert explains how very person can know where they are going by adopting the following three traits that reflect an abundance mindset!

A Scarcity Mindset Today Limits Your Vision of Tomorrow

I was saddened to hear of a talented athlete who was recently featured in the national news for unlawful conduct (again).  So much talent under so little control.  A couple of years ago, he seemed destined to live out a hall-of-fame level career, now he’s headed nowhere, and fast. His vision for the future is looking pretty bleak.

Bobby discusses how the more we understand the differences between an abundance mindset and a scarcity mindset, the more likely we’ll make principled decisions from a place of abundance!