Do You Have These Four Qualities Of Olympians?

Who doesn’t like to watch the Olympics? It’s the best of the best competing on a world-wide stage. I think I ride my bicycle faster on the back roads of Texas after I’ve watched a close Olympic race!  Maybe I’m unusual, but at times during the Olympics, I imagine joining the athletes in competition.  Then I wake up and realize it’s not going to happen!

But I do believe that there are four qualities of Olympic athletes that even you and I can embrace. And when we do, we can achieve Olympic results in our own lives!

Bobby Albert discusses the four qualities of Olympians and every leader can go for Gold and achieve Olympic results in their own lives!

Unveil Your Vision – Inspire Your Team

“A traveling salesman was lost as he drove down a quiet country road.  When he saw a young boy walking toward him he slowed down, stopped, and called to the boy:  ‘Where am I?’ ‘There you is’ said the boy as he pointed at the man.  ‘Hey, you’re pretty stupid, aren’t you!’ said the upset driver.  ‘Well, you’re the one asking the dumb questions!’ replied the kid.”

Bobby explains how every leader and every employee can clearly understand their organization’s vision and inspire their team by taking two practical steps!