7 Ways You Can Up Your Communication Game and Build a Great Culture

Years ago, I discovered that good communication is necessary for effective leadership. A leader always sets the expectations, and defines the level of communication by example. The motivation to communicate well is clear: There is a direct relationship between open communication and increased performance in any organization.


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What is Culture?

Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh, expresses the importance of culture by stating, “Your brand is your culture.”  For the stressed-out leader, Hsieh also provides unconventional advice when he explains, “If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.”


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If culture is so fundamental, it’s important to ask: What is culture?

Well, it is difficult to define. Culture is like the wind. It’s difficult to describe, but you can see the manifestations or the effects of a culture in action.