The Upside of Inside-Out (& The Key to Service Excellence)

After a bicycle ride, I turn my jersey inside-out to launder it – in order to minimize wear on the fabric.

Bobby Albert in his Albert Moving & Storage cycling jersey - displaying customer excellence even on the road!

Me in my Albert Moving & Storage cycling jersey

I have ridden my bicycle about 3,000 miles a year over the last few decades, so you can imagine how many cycles (on the road and in the laundry) it’s been required to endure!

I have found that, in the case with running an organization as well as with washing my cycling clothes, the Nside/Outside Principle has proven to be the key to service excellence!

3 Steps to Extraordinary Customer Service

On Saturdays, my wife and I enjoy doing our early morning long bicycle ride or long walk, clean-up, and then go to our favorite grocery store.

Fresh vegetables at grocery store neatly ordered and showing good customer service

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Before we begin shopping, we usually enjoy a delicious, cooked-to-order omelet in the store’s deli.

We like this grocery store because how well everything speaks to us as a guest (that’s what they call their customers)…shopping carts, signage, farmers market feel, bakery, food tasting stations, organic and natural health products, flower shop, etc.

Most of all, it is the employees who make you feel welcome. They are pleasant, personable, and sincerely want to help you.

You get the feeling that they really care for you. They provide a positive shopping experience with a community feel.

The next thing I’m going to say may shock you.

Three Strategies to Help You Make Better Decisions

My wife and I have three sons. They are all adults now, but I remember holding hands with them as we crossed the street when they were little boys. Like most parents, we tried to help them avoid physical injury.

Family holding hands to illustrate one of the three strategies to help you make better decisions.

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Getting physically hurt would have been a tragedy, but there are other risks that are just as dangerous! Fortunately, I’ve discovered some ways to help us stay safe.