Unveil Your Vision – Inspire Your Team

“A traveling salesman was lost as he drove down a quiet country road.  When he saw a young boy walking toward him he slowed down, stopped, and called to the boy:  ‘Where am I?’ ‘There you is’ said the boy as he pointed at the man.  ‘Hey, you’re pretty stupid, aren’t you!’ said the upset driver.  ‘Well, you’re the one asking the dumb questions!’ replied the kid.”

Bobby explains how every leader and every employee can clearly understand their organization’s vision and inspire their team by taking two practical steps! 

What is Your Destiny?

Let’s face it, you don’t know what you don’t know.  And when you do know, you’re often surprised.  I remember how surprised I was when I saw the effect of a simple statement.  I’m talking about the impact of discovering our vision statement. At the time,  I did not realize the importance it played in communicating the direction of our company to our people internally and to our customers and suppliers externally.

Bobby Albert explains how every leader can follow their destiny and cast a vision statement by following these three simple steps!

Is Your Leadership Drifting Like a Paper Airplane?

The other day two of my young grandkids (they call me G-Bob for Grandbob) wanted me to fly their paper airplanes that they had made. It reminded me when I was their age my mom and dad took me every Friday night with them to their couples bowling league. As you can imagine, being a high-energy boy, I was bored stiff.  That is until I would find a piece of paper and transform it into a plane with a few simple folds.

Bobby Albert explains how every leader can successfully achieve their vision/dream by living out the following four leadership qualities!

3 Traits That Reflect an Abundance Mindset

When I was a young boy starting in junior high school and through college, I worked with my dad’s moving crews.  I took on being the “swampier” for the crews.  I did the work the others did not want to do or did not like to do.  I took one break from work to their two (The crew often would kid me that they were taking a chewing gum break because I did not smoke).  I also would run or walk fast between the house and the truck, passing them as they walked.  But why?

Bobby Albert explains how very person can know where they are going by adopting the following three traits that reflect an abundance mindset!