Do You Lead Followers or Leaders?

Prior to October 1989, I thought that I was rocking along pretty well, leading my successful business.  I had even served in leadership roles at several non-profit organizations.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I was missing one crucial component for effective leadership!


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Why Some Managers Stink – and What to do About It!

Have you ever played the airport game? I recently took a trip and was forced to “play”.   On the return part of my trip, I ran into problems and thus the game began.

First, my flight was delayed, then they changed the gate, then my flight was delayed again, etc, …finally they canceled my flight and left me wondering how to get home – game over!

Why Some Managers Stink - and What to do About It!

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The Truth About Leading and Managing

Some things that happen in life hit you like a tidal wave. My father’s unexpected death was like that for me. The year was 1973. I was 20 years old and a recent university graduate when my father died. That is when I became the new leader of our small family business of five employees.


The Race is On – Leading vs. Managing

A second wave of surprise and disbelief hit me when I discovered our business was carrying a huge (I mean a really huge) amount of debt with very little income!

As I began to lead our small company, I realized that there’s a big difference between leadership and management.