Quality is Contagious – a Summary

As we wrap up this topic about our company-wide quality improvement efforts, it is important to give credit where credit is due!  Our first Operation QIC® company-wide workshop was quite a success.  It proved to be the catalyst for the significant results that occurred afterwards.  But, I want to be the first to say that it was team effort and NOT all about Bobby Albert.

Bobby Albert gives explains why quality is contagious through a summary of Operation QIC® to help you invest in your people and create quality in your business!

Watson, The Secret to Quality is Elementary!

I have always been fascinated with Sherlock Holmes.  When presented with a mystery, he seems to extract so much information with his strong sense of curiosity and observation.  Then he pieces together the details into a convincing explanation – just in time to solve the case!  One such mystery occurred in my own life. Not only did I solve the “case”, I learned a principle that can help you build quality into your organization!

Bobby Albert explains the secret to quality, the difference between a symptom & a root cause, & the importance of asking "why" in business!

Is Your Quality Contagious?

As I leader, I’ve often struggled to identify what company-wide message or theme I should promote to our people.  Let’s face it, this is one of the key roles for the leader of an organization. While most of your team is busy serving your customers, it’s up to you to identify the larger objectives and direction for the company.

Bobby Albert describes Operation QIC Day and how he taught his employees the importance of quality and its impact on his business!

5 Baby Steps to Build A Mature Team

I can remember feeling stuck. I knew that I wanted to rally our people around a common theme for the coming year, but I did not know what the theme should be!  I was certain about the need to cast the vision and unify our people, but I was unsure of how to do it. Have you ever felt this way? Read on and learn what I discovered about team-building.

Bobby Albert explains his approach to team-building and the Quality is Contagious theme in order to build a mature team.