Is Goal Setting Top-Down or Bottom-Up? (The answer may surprise you)

I love bicycling.  And I love watching the Tour de France, the Super Bowl of cycling.  The Tour is an annual 21-stage race with three weeks of furious cycling primarily held in France.  This year it was mountain-heavy and covered 2,084 miles with only two rest days. One thing I know is that herculean challenges like the Tour provide some great lessons about teamwork and leadership.

Bobby Albert discusses setting goals and how the empowering leader can improve their team’s performance by understanding five benefits!

Are You a Lone Ranger When Setting Goals?

For years I was the “Mr. Idea Man” in our company. But that’s my job…isn’t it? As the leader of the company, I thought it was my job to generate the ideas and map-out how to implement them. Eventually, I learned that there was a better way to lead my team – a way to increase innovation and manage change at the same time.

Bobby Albert explains how to improve your team's performance by asking three important questions and giving your employees a chance to participate when setting goals!