More Engagement Means More Learning

Have you ever heard the statement, “The teacher learns more than his students”?  For over 30 years, I have been teaching high school boys at my church. And I’ve been surprised by how much I have learned just in my preparation time, and how much I’ve retained–long after the lesson is taught. And the same holds true for business: more engagement means more learning.

Bobby Albert explains how more engagement means more learning and how to employ the participative 1-2-3 leadership tool in your organization!

Does it Have to be Lonely at the Top?

Until you have experienced it yourself, it may be hard to understand the oft-repeated phrase “It’s lonely at the top.” But when you are the leader of an organization, department or even a small group, you realize how true that statement is. As CEO of our company, I knew this feeling all too well–until I changed my approach to leadership…

Bobby Albert discusses how every leader can have a culture where people thrive and profits soar by using the 1-2-3 decision-making tool!

How to Get Your Team On Board

Have you ever tried to lead a group of people, but the people did not want to follow? Did it seem like they didn’t see the benefits of getting on board with your goals and direction? I think it is human nature for leaders to strive to lead their people toward greater results.  And I also think it is common for leaders to encounter some push-back from their people. Here’s the good news, there is an effective way to minimize this resistance and establish a high level of engagement in any team. And the solution is available to every leader!

Bobby Albert discusses participative leadership and relationships and how to get your team on board accomplish your goals!

The 360-degree Evaluation That Changed My Leadership

He impacted my life and leadership more than any other person. I can still remember the first day that I met him. He exuded confidence, and when our eyes locked I could see a twinkle in his eye. It was if he knew about a hidden gift, and was delighted with the thought of revealing it to those ready to receive it.

Bobby Albert discusses the 360-degree evaluation that changed his leadership and the importance of listening to employees to making great business decisions! 

Our Multi-Generational Workforce


The Bobby Albert Research and Insight team explores the three main generational groups in the U.S. workforce.

Do you know and understand the three main generational groups in the United States workforce?  Here’s an overview for quick reference:

Baby Boomers

Born: 1946-1964
Current Population: 75 million1

Agents of social change

Baby boomers have often been characterized by the significant social changes they have created. For example, the period of the 1960s was a time of great political and social change in government.

A New Way to Lead

It was the Fall of 1989 when I had an “aha” moment about my leadership style.  My good friend and mentor, Jim Lundy, had completed a 360-degree evaluation of me, and the news was not what I expected.  In fact, when I first heard the results, it made me mad!  That was until I finally came to my senses and accepted the horrible truth–

Bobby Albert shows a new way to lead and how every leader can achieve extraordinary results by exploring the five aspects of participative leadership!