My name is Bobby Albert and I’ve spent the last 40+ years of my life, in business, around business, surviving business, and thriving in business.

A number of years ago, I had one of those light bulb, “aha” moments when I realized what I was truly all about.

I was sitting in a meeting with business leaders and entrepreneurs and we were talking about the tension between always being driven by bottom-line financial results and the desire to create a work culture where people enjoyed working and were able to grow to their fullest potential.

It was then I realized that “I want to be a Values-Driven company that achieves results; not a Results-Driven company that has values”.

You see, it had taken me years to figure out what my own values were and then figure out how to create a work place where everyone’s values were aligned with themselves, each other, and the overall values of the business.

As we implemented changes in our company and focused more on people and less on profits, an amazing thing happened: our profits increased.

Unexpectedly, we had business growth and success during some really rough times when others similar to us were struggling. As we looked at why we were doing well when others weren’t as fortunate, we realized that even though we had a great product, the difference came because we had invested in people.

We came up with principles, strategies, and implementation tools to intentionally create a culture that focused on our people and their skills and gifts. We invested in people, and they responded with work satisfaction, personal self-worth, and a willingness to “go the extra mile” for our company when it needed them most.

The experience, and the results were pretty extraordinary. But could this transformation be replicated in other organizations?

The good news is the answer is a resounding YES! In fact, the principles are universal. It’s how we applied them that created a culture where values made the difference.

And although I have a business degree, a lot of what I learned came directly from the “school of hard knocks” (an effective but costly teacher!).

Now I spend my time helping other businesses use the same principles to create values-driven cultures where people are the focus and financial results are a happy reward.

Reading this blog is one of the best ways to learn more about me and my insights on values-driven cultures.

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My Biography

To say that I have been in business since I was a child is not an understatement – mostly because our family business was in the front of our home!

My dad established the family business in 1938 as a furniture upholstery and refinishing business. Then in the late 1950’s, he expanded it into the moving and storage business.

Although I was a kid, I really wanted to be involved in the business. My father took me aside and said, “Don’t go out there and be the boss’s son.” Even though as a young boy I understood (somehow) exactly what he meant, it took me awhile to understand what impact it would have (and it really wasn’t until I began reflecting back on my life I figured it out!).

It was my choice, but I was the one who would do all the jobs no one else wanted to do, like folding the moving blankets and sweeping the truck and warehouse floors. I would always outwork the crew. People often assume that because the boss’s son is the boss’s son, he will do as little as possible. My father knew this and I really took it to heart.

However, I have to say, my true launch into business started out right out of college with some major issues, both personal and financial, in our family business.

Within one month of graduating in 1973, at the age of 20, my father died. Unfortunately, when I inherited the business, I also inherited its heavy debt. I was thrust into leading the family business with very little annual income, and five employees.

Fast forward to 2011, when I sold our financially successful business with over 150 employees. I’ve also started up twelve different businesses and acquired nine companies.

While I’m pleased with our achievements, I’m humbled by our success. We tried a lot of things, failed at countless endeavors, and learned most often by attending the “school of hard knocks”.

Today, my efforts are focused on helping other businesses grow and prosper using many of the business and leadership lessons I learned along the way.

As I consider the many influences on my life, I’d like to highlight three:

  • Personal Growth
  • People
  • Faith

Personal Growth

From my earliest days, I’ve been on a quest for personal growth. Now that I’m not working full time in my family business (I’m still a consultant) I’ve been able to spend more time reading and learning how to be a more effective communicator.

In fact, I’m proud to say I’m one of 16 people who were personally mentored for one year by the best-selling author and speaker John C. Maxwell.

I’ve also spent 30 years being a part of Rotary Club, and served in many leadership roles, including District Governor, during those years.

I’ve been involved in Texas politics, and even was asked by the governor to run for a State Senate seat. I lost, but it was a close call (which I’m still proud of today!).


I’ve been involved with great people during my life. The people I’ve worked with in my business have taught me so much and have been a huge factor in my success. After years in business, I learned that the more I poured into our people and involved them in the decision-making process, the more they responded with genuine contribution that, in turn, created uncommon growth.

For anyone with an entrepreneurial bent, we know that an, understanding family is essential. And I have the best. Susan and I have been married for over 40 years and we have three sons, Rob and his wife, Courtney; Brian and his wife, Maygan; and Kyle and his wife, Mae.

Our children are, of course, wonderful, but I have to say, there’s something quite special about our seven grandchildren!

Through it all, it’s always been people. People matter.


For me, the thing that is most important is faith.

My highest desire is to live out my faith – not just talk it, but walk it.

I have served 20+ years as a deacon in my church. I’ve also had the privilege to teach in the high school department for almost 30 years (and, amazingly, they’re still listening – how about that?!).

In fact, any profits from the services of speaking, executive coaching, and training services I provide will go into The Bobby and Susan Albert Foundation to be donated to Christian organizations and causes.

And a little of the fun stuff about me: I am an avid reader, but my hobby and passion is long distance bicycle riding! I’ve been riding for over 30 years and have logged almost 100,000 miles on my bicycle. My wife and I just completed the “Hotter’N Hell” Hundred Endurance Ride in August, in Texas. And we lived to tell about it!

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