A New Way to Lead

It was the Fall of 1989 when I had an “aha” moment about my leadership style.  My good friend and mentor, Jim Lundy, had completed a 360-degree evaluation of me, and the news was not what I expected.  In fact, when I first heard the results, it made me mad!  That was until I finally came to my senses and accepted the horrible truth–

Bobby Albert shows a new way to lead and how every leader can achieve extraordinary results by exploring the five aspects of participative leadership!

–I chose to accept the uncomfortable idea that most of my outside challenges were because of inside problems.  I needed to make some big changes in my own life to create positive changes in our company.

Have you ever been confronted by the horrible truth?  How did you feel?  If you are anything like me, it was not a good experience!  Did you try to figure out how to change the consequences or the results without first looking how you needed to change?

You know…they call it being insane!

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”


As the leader:

Do you want to learn what is really going on with your frontline people as they serve your customers and interact with your suppliers?

Do you want to run your business more efficient and effective?

Do you want to deliver the highest quality products and services on-time every time that is the most convenient for your customers?

Do you want your employees to come to work excited every day about what they will accomplish?

Do you want to make extraordinary profits way beyond your wildest dreams?

Of course!  Right?  Well…

Every leader can achieve extraordinary results by exploring the following five aspects of participative leadership.

Join me over the next several weeks as I discuss how to equip you as a leader to build a culture where people thrive and profits soar.

1. Engage2Lead – The secret sauce of my company’s success was practicing a participative leadership style by engaging our employees in the decision-making process.

2. 1-2-3 – This was the three-question tool my company used to engage our people in a decision-making process. This simple process can guide you toward better decisions.

3. Benefits – When you use the Engage2Lead approach you and your people will achieve extraordinary results.

4. Examples – We’ll explore practical and beneficial examples to bring home a deeper understanding of how to employ Engage2Lead leadership.

5. Fallout – We will discuss reasons why leaders choose to not practice the Engage2Lead approach and the fallout that inevitably results from not applying it.

Back to my “aha” moment in 1989.  I discovered if I wanted to have a significant impact on the growth of our company, I needed to change how I led our people.  Perhaps you are having your own struggles to lead and grow your company, department or workgroup. I think you’ll enjoy the coming blog posts, as I reveal what I’ve learned about this important style of leadership.

Are you totally satisfied with your results as a leader? Would you consider changing your approach in order to produce better results? Please share your thoughts <here> and share this blog post with a friend or co-worker.

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