I offer consulting services to a limited number of clients each year.

I invested almost 40 years of my life as the CEO of our moving and storage business, as well as other startups and acquisitions along the way.

It can be lonely at the top. Sometimes you wonder if you’re making the right decisions, if you are shepherding your business in the right way and leading your team in the best direction.

I help leaders tap into their values, clarify their objectives and obtain the results they desire – for themselves and their organizations.

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, please contact me to start the conversation.

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Here are some of the topics that I address as I consult with leaders:


We find examples of, and the need for, Leading and Managing all around us. There is a big difference between leading people and managing things.  I help leaders discover their natural bent toward leading or managing and craft ways to use their unique leaning as a springboard to effective leadership.



Core Values are discovered not decided! I use a unique, proprietary technique to assist leaders in discovering their values. This is one of those areas that leaders need to get right.  I know, because early on I struggled to get this figured out.  Once you identify your values, they become a guide for your daily leadership.



We all struggle with the desire to achieve results and the feeling that the way we achieve those results matters. I use the principle of Process and Content to crystalize this struggle and present a clear way forward for leaders to value and honor people as they pursue the results they desire.



I believe that everyone can benefit from some guidelines, some rails to keep us on track and going in the right direction.  I employ the teaching of Principle vs. Expedience as a guide to help leaders think better, and make better choices about what to do and when to do it.



Once a leader has established his or her leadership foundation and direction, it is important to establish their speed and monitor for necessary course corrections. I show leaders some tangible ways to use Goals and Controls to unify their team, power their progress and adjust their direction as they go.



Workplace Culture is hard to define, but I think that most folks would agree that it is an important aspect of every organization.  Contrary to what is popular in some business circles today, I have experienced that instead of being the focus of our leadership, culture is the result, or fruit of our labor. I help leaders evaluate key aspects of their culture and create a scorecard that reflects the effectiveness of their leadership.



The ON/IN principle is one that eludes many leaders. When you work ON the business, you take time to remove yourself from the daily grind of working IN the business. This enables you think about things on a higher level and make intentional plans about your life and business. I help leaders turn their focus from solely working in their business to include time to focus on their business.



Our WOW initiative calls our attention to two important questions: Why do we exist?  and Where do we want to be? Said another way, we are talking about an organizations purpose, and their vision. Leaders have the responsibility to serve the needs of the employees to help them to accomplish our company purpose and vision. We help leaders clearly communicate and reinforce their purpose and vision throughout their organizations.



What leader doesn't desire more buy-in, engagement and results from his or her team?  The 1-2-3 decision-making process delivers those desired outcomes, and more, to those who implement this straightforward way of participative management. We enable leaders to create higher satisfaction among their people, and pave the way for higher performance at every level.



The Nside/Outside principle states: Our service to our external customer can only be as good as our service to each other. Everyone wants to increase the level of service to their customer. Once leaders grasp and apply the Nside/Outside concept, they benefit from greater efficiencies within and better service to their outside customers too!


One of my favorite quotes from Stephen Covey is, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Our AQL principle helps leaders to actually live out the principle contained in this powerful quote. When we Ask Questions and Listen, we gain a deeper understanding of those we work beside and serve.


Customers should have an Experience that Exceeds Expectations. These days, “good enough” customer service is not good enough to win and keep business. Our EEE initiative raises the bar for employees' expectations when it comes to the level of service that they provide to the customer.



When you take a step back and really look at your business, you'll find that people are perhaps the most vital component of lasting success. What we achieve is accomplished in people, for people and through people. Through our People, People, People initiative, we work with business owners to give emphasis and credit to where credit is due- their people.



Most every leader wants to lead better. Often they see the potential in their people, but don't know exactly how to tap into it.  Bobby uses his Engage2Lead approach to enable leaders to lead through engagement.  When adopted, Engage2Lead empowers leaders to boost team member engagement and generate a sense of ownership that drives remarkable results.


Updated: 11/22/2016